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Neuropsychological Testing


Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing was developed to help clinicians understand how patients learn and process information.  In practice, testing is used to  distinguish ADD/ADHD from other conditions affecting concentration, such as depression, anxiety or learning disabilities.   In other instances, it can be a powerful tool towards self awareness by identifying thinking patterns, strengths, and limitations.  Working together with a clinician, this information can be used to improve your academic and/or professional performance, identify suitable career paths, and uncover ways your thinking might "get into your own way."

The testing performed at Manhattan Neuropsychiatric can be accomplished online, in your own home, or in our office.  You will be asked to perform a variety of tests that examine different aspects of your thinking.  These tests will evaluate memory, attention, concentration, reaction time, and other aspects of cognition. Together, we will review the results of your testing and interpret them in a real life context.  Our Neuropsychological Testing Package includes testing and interpretation, as well as one or more office visits to clarify how to apply the results in your life, set realistic goals, and determine a plan to help you achieve your potential.

If you have already discussed testing with Dr. Samton, and are ready to begin, please have your user id and login ready. You can access the test by clicking on the Brain Resource icon above, and precede as directed. Please do not hesitate to phone us if you have any questions regarding accessing or completing the test.